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Torre Sofía: The Ultimate Luxury

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Simplicity taken to the extreme becomes elegance.

The demand and professionalism with which we perform our work led us to forge alliances with demanding customers.
Each of our projects has transpired and we are proud of each result we have also allowed to know the success and every day closer to perfection. We are part of the best stories and Torre Sofia has been no exception.

It is the most luxurious residential building in the Mexican Republic, located in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León. It stands out for a cosmopolitan and sustainable architecture, a LEED certified construction, an artistic and elegant interior design and finally a sophisticated integration of electronic systems for entertainment, communication and comfort.

Sofia Tower  Pendant Meeting Room 2.jpg
2020-10-16 13_02_11-Window.jpg

This installation shows the beauty and intrigue 20 sandblasted glass plates made clear edges hand hanging from only a thin metal rod.

2020-10-16 13_01_11-Window.jpg
Sofia Tower.jpg

A unique design to give life to a space, where each piece is intended to unite memorable moments.

Sofia Tower  Pendant Meeting Room 1.jpg
2020-10-16 13_01_46-Window.jpg
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