A T E L I E R  S T U D I O

Your inspiration and your unique style shine make each of our light fixtures.

The design and manufacturing process

The challenge

Each project is different and can be a challenge, we are willing to take. Demand and polish every day our professionalism.

Approach and design

Capture the essence of design, finishes, materials, installation site, special requirements and expectations of the customer.
Then make a digital design to evaluate the amount of material, dimensions, assemblies, cuts, bends, joints and create files for molds or cut.

Parts and processes

Are defined in previous stages, we have employees with years of experience, and that leads us to offer a wide range of solutions and processes with experience and adequate quality.

The final assembly

Is time to join all the parts and components, welding, gluing, screwing, install, electrify, make changes, corrections and adjustments to the parts if necessary.

Delivery and installation

We create history based on tradition. We are proud to see the results obtained with each assembly and see shine one more project. We take care of every detail so that you are only a spectator.

Our Most Recent Project

Our light fixtures are as great as our delivery to your light projects

This pendant is  156 '' H, higher than of a basketball hoop that stands at 10 ft.

Now imagine, how high it will be once installed?

Awesome craftmanship work!

We are socially committed to our customers, our employees and in our workshop regarding pollution prevention, continuous improvement of environmental management programs and environmental regulations.


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